Brunts Charity was founded in Mansfield in 1711 by a bequest from Samuel Brunt.

The Charity office is based at the corner of Toothill Lane and Leeming Street in the centre of Mansfield.

It is managed by 11 Trustees, all from the Mansfield area and provides over 150 Almshouse properties on 3 central locations in the town.

Almshouses are different to council housing or housing association and our residents are beneficiaries of the Charity and not tenants so do not have the same rights of occupation as tenants.

The Charity offers 1 bedroom flats, 1 bedroom bungalows and 2 bedroom bungalows to people over the age of 60 who are resident in the Mansfield area, have a local connect and are in need, hardship or distress. Find out more about our property types here.

Resident’s eligibility for accommodation is checked by the completion of an application form, downloadable here.

The Trustees will consider all eligible applications at their regular Trustees meetings